Murat Brierre “Rooster Fight”


Murat Brierre or Murat Briere (1938–1988)
“Rooster Fight”
23″ X 19″
Oil on Canvas
Rare Vintage
Physical condition: Ok

Murat is known mainly for metal works. The few paintings he created are very rare at this point.


Murat Brierre, also known as Murat Briere, was born in Mirebalais, Haiti in 1938. His interest in art began at an early age, and he spent much of his youth experimenting with various mediums. He started his career as a builder, cabinetmaker, and blacksmith, which allowed him to hone his skills in metalworking, a craft that would eventually become his primary medium for artistic expression.

In 1957, Brierre joined the Art Center, a renowned institution that played a significant role in the development of Haitian art. There, he was introduced to various art forms and artists, including Georges Liautaud, who would become one of his biggest influences. Liautaud was a master metal sculptor known for his depictions of Haitian Vodou deities and other religious themes.

Brierre studied under Liautaud to learn the art of metal sculpture, and he soon developed his unique style. His sculptures reflected both Christian and Haitian Vodou themes, often featuring female nudes, embracing couples, devils, mermaids, and birds. He imbued his work with a sense of mystery and spirituality that spoke to the rich cultural heritage of Haiti.

Brierre’s work quickly gained recognition, and he exhibited his sculptures in various galleries and museums across the United States, Mexico, and Jamaica. His art garnered critical acclaim and was featured in many Haitian art books. Today, some of his most prominent pieces can be seen in the National Pantheon of Haiti.

Despite his success, Brierre remained humble and dedicated to his craft. He continued to create sculptures until his untimely death in 1988. His legacy lives on through his work, which continues to inspire and captivate art lovers worldwide.

In conclusion, Murat Brierre was a prominent metal sculptor and one of Haiti’s most talented artists. He honed his craft through hard work and dedication, drawing inspiration from both Christian and Haitian Vodou themes. His sculptures are known for their spirituality, mystery, and undeniable beauty, making him a true master of his craft.

Original Haitian art painting for collecting and home or office decoration

Signed: M. briere

Subject: Rooster fight (GaGe)

Medium: Oil on canvas

Painting condition: Good – size 23″ X 19″ inches (framed)

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 5 in


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