Levoy Exil (Haitian Artist b.1944)

Levoy Exil (b.1944)
“Abstract Family”
24″ X 24″
Mixed media on canvas


Haitian art has a unique and distinctive style that is often associated with bright colors, bold patterns, and themes of spirituality and mythology. Levoy Exil, one of the founders of the “Saint Soleil” art movement, has made significant contributions to the development of Haitian art.

Exil, born in Haiti in 1944, worked alongside other prominent Haitian artists including Prospere Pierre Louis, Louisiane St. Fleurant, and Dieuseul Paul in the Saint Soleil school of painting. The artists in this movement were known for their depictions of voodoo, a religious practice that combines elements of African animism, Catholicism, and indigenous beliefs.

Exil’s work is characterized by its vivid colors, intricate patterns, and a dreamlike quality that captures the mysticism of Haitian voodoo. His paintings often feature symbolic representations of voodoo spirits, such as the loa, who are central to the religion.

One of Exil’s most significant contributions to Haitian art is his lyrical style. In his book “Where Art is Joy: Haitian Art: The First Forty Years,” Seldon Rodman praises Exil’s talent and lyricism. This poetic quality is evident in many of Exil’s paintings, which seem to convey a sense of magic and wonder.

Exil has exhibited widely with other Saint Soleil artists in France and Haiti. He has also exhibited individually in Poland and Paris, including a solo show at the “Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais” in 1998. Despite his success, Exil remains committed to his art and continues to paint to this day.

Overall, Levoy Exil has played a significant role in shaping the unique and vibrant style of Haitian art. His contributions to the Saint Soleil movement and his dedication to his craft have helped to elevate Haitian art to a position of prominence on the world stage.

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