Legagneur Jean Claude “Portrait of a Lady”

Jn-Claude Legagneur (Haitian/Port-au-Prince, b. 1947)
Portrait of a Lady, 1977, painting on board, signed.
Size: 32” x 25”, 81 x 64 cm (board)


Legagneur Art comment: So far, all of my art is special to me because creation comes from messages received by the creator, that is why an artist cannot copy another one. My biggest accomplishments, I was commissioned to do the 65 feet Mural in JFK, New York, City, terminal 9, American Airlines. It is called “The Universal Party”, and my Collection of Independence “Faces of Freedom” that was created in 2004. I would be honored to exhibit this collection at Moca Museum , Miami and also show other important pieces of my private collection. As a humanitarian, I give paintings yearly to help the neediest of my beloved Haiti. It’s my way to thank the Almighty for the precious gift of Painting.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 34 × 5 in


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