Jacques Enguerrand Gourgue “Prominent Haitian Artist b.1930”

Jacques Enguerrand Gourgue
Owned by Sara Shane (Hollywood Actress)
Subject:  Food Seller
Size: 24″ X 20″
Oil on Hardboard (Masonite)
Excellent Physical Condition


Jacques Enguerrand Gourgue, a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, emerged as a prominent figure in modern Haitian painting, leaving an indelible mark on the art world with his unique blend of surrealism and naive art. Born into a family with diverse cultural influences, Gourgue’s father was a French psychiatrist, while his mother was reputed to be a Haitian vodou priestess. This cultural amalgamation played a significant role in shaping Gourgue’s artistic sensibilities, which he began cultivating at an early age.

Gourgue’s talent quickly garnered attention, and by 1947, he found himself at the Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince. The following year marked a turning point in his career when his painting “The Magic Table” was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, earning him recognition on the international stage. This masterpiece, characterized as “unprecedented,” remains a part of the museum’s permanent collection.

In 1949, at a mere 18 years old, Gourgue achieved further acclaim by winning the gold medal at an exhibition commemorating the bicentennial of the founding of Port-au-Prince. The subsequent decades, particularly the 1950s and 1960s, witnessed a transformation in Gourgue’s style, heavily influenced by the works of Pablo Picasso during his “Spanish period.” Relocating to Madrid, Spain, Gourgue married a Spanish woman and had a daughter, expanding his artistic horizons and exhibiting his works throughout Europe and North America.

The artist’s creations, often featuring scenes of rural Haitian life and vodou ceremonies, displayed a distinctive fusion of flowers, mountains, skeletal trees, peasants, huts, and vodou symbolism. Ute Stebich, an esteemed expert on Haitian art, noted that Gourgue’s imagery resisted easy interpretation, challenging viewers to engage with his works on a subconscious level, allowing emotions and fantasies to flow freely.

After a period marked by personal challenges, including a divorce, Gourgue returned to his hometown, where he produced the majority of his later works. Among these was a significant mural that adorned the flag of Haiti at the Seville Expo in 1992. His commitment to his craft persisted, and Gourgue remarried, welcoming two children with his second wife. Tragically, he passed away in 1996 due to a heart attack, leaving behind a rich legacy in the realm of Haitian art.

One notable aspect of Gourgue’s legacy is the ownership of this painting by Hollywood actress Sara Shane. Shane, a frequent traveler to Haiti, developed a connection with Gourgue’s work and stayed at the iconic Oloffson Hotel, a cultural hub in Port-au-Prince. The painting’s presence in the collection of such a discerning connoisseur underscores its enduring significance and the international appeal of Gourgue’s oeuvre.

Jacques Enguerrand Gourgue is a prominent artist and included in our top 10 artists to collect.

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