Gizou Lamothe (Haitian artist b.1935)

Gizou Lamothe
Signed and dated 1971
Mixed media
24″ X 16″
Stretched Canvas


Gizou Lamothe, born Ghislaine Fortuney in 1935 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is a distinguished figure in the world of art and culture. Known for her prolific career as a painter and sculptor, she has not only left a lasting impact on the artistic landscape of Haiti but has also gained recognition on the international stage. Her journey as an artist is as intriguing as her art itself, marked by a rich blend of talent, heritage, and international experiences.

Early Life and Education

Gizou Lamothe’s artistic journey began against the backdrop of Port-au-Prince, a city steeped in vibrant culture and artistic traditions. Growing up in this dynamic environment, she was exposed to a multitude of artistic influences, which would go on to shape her unique style. Her early years were marked by an innate curiosity and a deep appreciation for the visual arts.

Lamothe’s pursuit of artistic excellence led her to Madrid, Spain, where she embarked on a formal education in the arts. This pivotal period in her life allowed her to expand her horizons, soaking in the diverse artistic traditions of Europe while maintaining a strong connection to her Haitian roots. Her time in Madrid provided her with a solid foundation in artistic techniques and honed her creative skills.

Return to Haiti

In 1961, after completing her studies in Madrid, Gizou Lamothe made the significant decision to return to her homeland, Haiti. This move was a testament to her commitment to contribute to the burgeoning Haitian art scene. Upon her return, she brought with her not only the techniques she had acquired but also a fresh perspective that would infuse new life into Haitian art.

Artistic Style and Influence

Gizou Lamothe’s artistic style is a captivating fusion of her diverse experiences and influences. Her works are characterized by a harmonious blend of traditional Haitian themes and the contemporary elements she absorbed during her time abroad. Her vibrant and expressive canvases often depict scenes from everyday life in Haiti, capturing the spirit and vitality of the country’s culture.

One of her notable achievements is her proficiency in both painting and sculpture. Lamothe’s sculptures reveal a deep understanding of form and texture, bringing her subjects to life with remarkable precision. Her sculptural pieces have adorned exhibitions around the world, captivating audiences with their elegance and emotional depth.

International Recognition

Gizou Lamothe’s art has transcended national boundaries, earning her recognition and acclaim on the international stage. Her works have been exhibited in South America, the United States, and Spain, allowing a global audience to appreciate the beauty and complexity of her creations. Her ability to bridge the gap between Haitian traditions and contemporary artistic trends has made her an important figure in the global art community.

Personal Life and Legacy

Aside from her prolific career, Gizou Lamothe is known for her role as the mother of Laurent Lamothe, who served as the Prime Minister of Haiti. Her family’s political involvement adds another layer of complexity to her life story, highlighting the intersections between art, culture, and governance in Haiti.

In conclusion, Gizou Lamothe, also known as Ghislaine Fortuney Lamothe, stands as a Haitian master of artistry and creativity. Her journey from Port-au-Prince to Madrid and back to Haiti, her fusion of cultural influences, and her dedication to her craft have made her a prominent figure in both Haitian and international art circles. Her legacy as an artist continues to inspire and resonate with those who appreciate the power of creativity to transcend borders and connect people across the world.

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