Frank Etienne “Fisherman”

Frank Etienne
Signed 1993 (bottom right)
Mixed Media on board
Title:  The Fisherman
Fishing Scene
Size: 16″ x 8″ (sight)
Excellent Condition
Gallery certificate of provenance included







Frank Etienne, born on April 12, 1936, in Ravine-Sèche, Haiti, is widely recognized as one of Haiti’s most important writers, playwrights, and intellectuals. He is known for his unique and dense writing style, blending French and Haitian Creole to create new words and long digressions. He has written about 40 works and produced approximately 2,000 paintings and sketches, which comprise dense and baroque affairs. Frank Etienne is regarded as the father of Haitian letters and is revered in French- and Creole-speaking countries.

Frank Etienne’s contribution to literature is significant as he is credited with writing the first modern novel entirely in Haitian Creole, “Dezafi,” in 1975. His play, “Pelin Tet,” which challenged political oppression in Haiti, is a biting work that aimed at Jean-Claude Duvalier, the son of the dictator François Duvalier and himself a former dictator known as Baby Doc. He is a major Haitian writer, and his works have gained more international attention, particularly after the earthquake, with galleries in New York organizing shows featuring his artwork. In 2010, his play “The Trap” debuted at a UNESCO forum in Paris that named him an artist for peace.

Frankétienne is often compared to James Joyce, whose work he admires, and his writing is described as “crazy books,” filled with long digressions and new words. He remains popular among Haitians, and his plays have been videotaped and passed around in Haiti and in immigrant communities in the United States. His play “Pelin Tet” is a touchstone for many Haitians, and his work speaks to both the most intellectual person in the society as well as the most humble.

In addition to his writing, Frankétienne is also a painter and musician. His painting technique is unique in the Haitian art scene, using drip painting with mixed media. His paintings blur swirling blacks, blues, and reds, often covered with poems, and are selling particularly well these days. Despite his international recognition, he still holds informal Sunday workshops with young artists in Haiti to talk about and critique their work.

In conclusion, Frank Etienne is a multi-talented artist who has made significant contributions to Haitian literature, theater, and art. His writing style is dense and baroque, and he is known for inventing new words and using long digressions. His paintings are unique in the Haitian art scene, and his use of drip painting with mixed media is exceptional. His work speaks to both the most intellectual person in the society as well as the most humble, and his influence on Haitian literature and art is profound. Frankétienne is a true Haitian icon, and his work is essential to understanding the Haitian cultural landscape.


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