Charles Dufranc (Haitian Artist b.1949)

Charles Dufranc (b.1949)
Landscape with people
Acrylic on canvas
24″ X 20″ inches


Charles Dufranc, born in Jeremie, Haiti, in October 1949, emerged as a distinguished artist whose work seamlessly weaves together diverse cultural influences, capturing the essence of Haiti’s rich heritage. His artistic journey reflects a passion for both traditional craftsmanship and contemporary expression, making him a prominent figure in the global art scene.

Dufranc’s early years were marked by a move to Port-au-Prince with his parents after completing grade school. It was during this time that his father, recognizing his son’s potential, imparted the skills of wood carving and sculpture. While initially drawn to sculpture, Dufranc’s artistic inclinations evolved, leading him to embrace the world of painting.

The artist’s exploration of various subjects is a testament to his versatility. His prowess shines most brightly in the cubistic style, where he exhibits a remarkable agility in capturing the complexities of form and perspective. However, it is his scenic paintings that have garnered widespread acclaim, becoming highly sought after by art enthusiasts.

Dufranc’s work is a tapestry woven with threads of French and African cultures, as well as the religious traditions of vodoun and Christianity prevalent in Haiti. These influences infuse his art with a unique blend of spirituality, history, and contemporary expression, creating a visual narrative that resonates on both a personal and cultural level.

Formal art education beckoned Dufranc to the Academy of Fine Art in Haiti, where he delved into a more structured and in-depth study of his craft. The year 1973 marked his debut on the public stage, as he showcased his paintings, signaling the beginning of a prolific career that would soon transcend borders.

Dufranc’s art became a global phenomenon, with international exhibitions taking him to prestigious galleries in France, Germany, the United States, Santo Domingo, Canada, and Costa Rica. Notably, his work found a permanent place in the International Salon for Naïve Painting in Paris, a testament to its enduring impact on the art world.

Venezuela emerged as a particularly receptive audience for Dufranc’s work, where his paintings not only sold consistently but also found a place in the collections of ambassadors. This success speaks to the universal appeal of Dufranc’s art, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries.

In his homeland, the United States, and Venezuela, Dufranc has held various exhibitions, captivating audiences with the depth and richness of his creations. His popularity in France is underscored by the inclusion of his work in major galleries and exhibitions, solidifying his status as a respected and influential artist.

Charles Dufranc’s artistic journey is a celebration of Haiti’s cultural tapestry, skillfully interwoven with personal experiences, spiritual reflections, and a dedication to craftsmanship. Through his paintings, he invites audiences to explore the vibrant and complex world that shaped him, leaving an indelible mark on the global art landscape.

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