Antoine Delalue “Fishing Scene”

Antoine Delalue
“Fishing scene”
Size: 20″ X 16″
Acrylic on canvas


Traduction of news paper article “Le nouvelliste”:
Bearer of a new pictorial sensibility, and, attached to the innovative principle of modernity, active figuratively as well as literally, self-taught, born in Hinche on February 2, 1958, Antoine Delalue has been practicing, for over 20 years. This painter, with a sure talent, mixes tastes, manners and refined style to give birth to the reflection of a romantic painting constantly renewed with surprising greenery tending towards the cult of renewal. Inspired by maritime fleets, warships, nuclear arsenal and assembly plants, Antoine Delalue is an essential figurehead of Haitian painting. His current specialty is the seascapes that he uses in a more or less expanded framework, with trompe d’oeil resonance, to seduce, if not persuade, with happiness. Endowed with a deep and real love for painting, an outstanding painter, an introvert, Antoine Delalue devotes a very large part of his time to the creative field. A dissident and realist artist, he has exhibited his works in many galleries across the country and with renowned collectors such as Ronay Dana, Ultimo Compère, Charles Jumel, Patrick Cauvin, Eviol Dupuy, Dr Joseph Pierre and Agr. Alex Tanis. Most of his works have been exhibited in Japan, the United States, Canada, Santo Domingo and France. With a prolific artistic career and a powerful touch, polymorphic artist, Antoine Delalue has a sublime vision of painting. And, despite the highest complacency that resides in his painting, some of his paintings remain difficult to read and constitute an opening to the unknown, to the universal. His painting is an uninhabitable place.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 4 in


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